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with a strangely unfocused look on his face. Ron? Breakfast. Im not hungry. Harry stared at him. I thought you just said ? Well, all right, Ill come down with you, sighed Ron, but I dont want to eat. Harry scrutinized him suspiciously. Youve just eaten half a box of Chocolate Cauldrons, havent you? Its not that, Ron sighed again. You . . . you wouldnt understand. Fair enough, said Harry, albeit puzzled, as he turned to open the door. Harry! said Ron suddenly. What? Harry, I cant stand it! CHAPTER EIGHTE warmest canada goose EN .. 392 .. You cant stand what? asked Harry, now s warmest canada goose tarting to feel definitely alarmed. Ron was rather pale and looked as though he was about to be sick. I cant stop thinking about her! said Ron hoarsely. Harry gaped at him. He had not expected this and was not sure he wanted to hear it.

have had a purpose. Voldemort stood up. He looked less like Tom Riddle than ever, his features thick with rage. This is your final word? It is, said Dumbledore, also standing. Then we have nothing more to say to each other. No, nothing, said Dumbledore, and a great sadness filled his face. The time is long gone when I could frighten you with a CHAPTER TWENTY .. 446 .. burning wardrobe and force you to make repayment for your crimes. But I wish I could, Tom. . . . I wish I could. . . . For a second, Harry was on the v warmest canada goose erge of shouting a pointless warning: He was sure that Voldemorts hand had twitched toward his pocket and his wand; but th warmest canada goose en the moment had passed, Voldemort had turned away, the door was closing, and he was gone. Harry felt Dumbledores hand close over his arm again and moments

Moaning Myrtles voice from one of the cubicles. Dont . . . tell me whats wrong . . . I can help you. . . . CHAPTER TWEN warmest canada goose TY-FOUR .. 522 .. No one can help me, said Malfoy. His whole body was shaking. I can warmest canada goose t do it. . . . I cant. . . . It wont work . . . and unless I do it soon . . . he says hell kill me. . . . And Harry realized, with a shock so huge it seemed to root him to the spot, that Malfoy was crying actually crying tears streaming down his pale face into the grimy basin. Malfoy gasped and gulped and then, with a great shudder, looked up into the cracked mirror and saw Harry staring at him over his shoulder. Malfoy wheeled around, drawing his wand. Instinctively, Harry pulled out his own. Malfoys hex missed Harry by inches, shattering the lamp on the wall beside him; Harry threw

climbing onto the rock behind them merely stepped over or on the fallen bodies. Still slashing at the air with his wand, Harry yelled, Sectumsempra! SECTUMSEMPRA! But though gash warmest canada goose es appeared in their sodden rags and their icy skin, they had no blood to spill: They walked on, unfeeling, their CHAPTER TWENTY-SIX .. 576 .. shrunken hands outstretched toward him, and as he backed away still farther, he felt arms enclose him from behind, thin, fleshless arms cold as death, and his feet left the ground as they lifted him and began to warmest canada goose carry him, slowly and surely, back to the water, and he knew there would be no release, that he would be drowned, and become one more dead guardian of a fragment of Voldemorts shattered soul. . . . But then, through the darkness, fire erupted: crimson and gold, a

room fell silent as he climbed through the portrait hole. He saw Dean and Seamus sitting in a group nearby: This meant that the dormitory must be empty, or nearly so. Without THE PHOENIX LAMENT .. warmest canada goose 631 .. speaking to anybody, without making eye contact at all, Harry walked straight across the room and through the door to the boys dormitories. As he had hoped, Ron was waiting for him, still warmest canada goose fully dressed, sitting on his bed. Harry sat down on his own four-poster and for a moment, they simply stared at each other. Theyre talking about closing the school, said Harry. Lupin said they would, said Ron. There was a pause. So? said Ron in a very low voice, as though he thought the furniture might be listening in. Did you find one? Did you get it? A a Horcrux? Harry shook his head. All that had

yellowish parchment, and the address was written in emerald-green ink. There was no stamp. Turning the envelope over, his hand trembling, Harry saw warmest canada goose a purple wax seal bearing a coat of arms; a lion, an eagle, a badger, and a snake surrounding a large letter H. Hurry up, boy! shouted Uncle Vernon from the kitchen. What are you warmest canada goose doing, checking for letter bombs? He chuckled at his own joke. Harry went back to the kitchen, still staring at his letter. He handed Uncle Vernon the bill and the postcard, sat down, and slowly began to open the yellow envelope. THE LETTERS FROM NO ONE .. 35 .. Uncle Vernon ripped open the bill, snorted in disgust, and flipped over the postcard. Marges ill, he informed Aunt Petunia. Ate a funny whelk . . . Dad! said Dudley suddenly. Dad, Harrys got something! Harry

was going to smash right into that barrier and then hed be in trouble leaning forward on his cart, he broke into a heavy r warmest canada goose un the barrier was coming nearer and nearer he wouldnt be able to st warmest canada goose op the cart was out of control he was a foot away he closed his eyes ready for the crash It didnt come . . . he kept on running . . . he opened his eyes. A scarlet steam engine was waiting next to a platform packed with people. A sign overhead said Hogwarts Express, eleven oclock. Harry looked behind him and saw a wrought-iron archway CHAPTER SIX .. 94 .. where the barrier had been, with the words Platform Nine and Three-Quarters on it. He had done it. Smoke from the engine drifted over the heads of the chattering crowd, while cats of every color wound here and there between their legs. Owls

legs. He caught that thing in his hand after a fif warmest canada goose ty-foot dive, Professor McGonagall told Wood. Didnt even scratch himself. Charlie Weasley couldnt h warmest canada goose ave done it. Wood was now looking as though all his dreams had come true at once. Ever seen a game of Quidditch, Potter? he asked excitedly. Woods captain of the Gryffindor team, Professor McGonagall explained. Hes just the build for a Seeker, too, said Wood, now walking CHAPTER NINE .. 152 .. around Harry and staring at him. Light speedy well have to get him a decent broom, Professor a Nimbus Two Thousand or a Cleansweep Seven, Id say. I shall speak to Professor Dumbledore and see if we cant bend the first-year rule. Heaven knows, we need a better team than last year. Flattened in that last match by Slytherin, I couldnt look Severus Snape