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my friend Rons swallowed a love potion by mistake. You couldnt make him an antidote, could you? Id take him to Madam Pomfrey, but were not supposed to have anything from Weasleys Wizard Wheezes and, you know . . . awkward questions . . . Id have thought you could have whipped him up a remedy, Harry, an expert potioneer like you? asked Slughorn. Er, said Harry, somewhat distracted by the fact that Ron w canada goose outlet review as now elbowing him in the ribs in an attempt to force his way into the room, well, Ive never mixed an antidote fo canada goose outlet review r a love potion, sir, and by the time I get it right, Ron mightve done something serious Helpfully, Ron chose this moment to moan, I cant see her, Harry is he hiding her? Was this potion within date? asked Slughorn, now eyeing Ron with professional interest. They can strengthen,

parchment. Dont say Ill have to canada goose outlet review write the whole thing out again! Its okay, we can fix it, said Hermione, pulling the essay toward her and taking out her wand. I love you, Hermione, said Ron, sinking back in his chair, rubbing his eyes wearily. Hermione turned faintly pink, but merely said, Dont let Lavender hear you saying that. CHAPTER TWENTY-ONE .. 450 .. I wont, said Ron into his hands. Or maybe I will . . . then shell ditch me . . . Why dont you ditch her if you want to finish it? asked Harry. You havent ever chucked anyone, have you? said Ron. You and Cho just Sort of fell apart, yeah, said Harry Wish that would happen with me and Lavender, said Ron gloomily, watching Hermione canada goose outlet review silently tapping each of his misspelled words with the end of her wand, so that they corrected themselves on

Harry panted. Your Potions book. Quick . . . give it to me . . . But what about the Half-Blood Ill explain late canada goose outlet review r! Ron pulled his copy of Advanced Potion-Making out of his bag and handed it over; Harry sprinted off past him and back to the common room. Here, he seized his schoolbag, ignoring the amazed looks of several people who had already finished their dinner, threw himself back out of the portrait hole, and hurtled off along the seventh-floor corridor. He skidded to a halt beside the tapestry of dancing trolls, closed his eyes, and began to walk. I need a place to hide my book. . . . I need a place to hide my book. . . . I need a place to hide my book. . . . CHAPTER TWENTY-FOUR .. 526 .. Three times he wal canada goose outlet review ked up and down in front of the stretch of blank wall. When he opened his eyes,

a moment, Harry thought that his inexpert Apparition had thrown Dumbledore off balance; then he canada goose outlet review saw his face, paler and damper than ever in the distant light of a streetlamp. Sir, are you all right? Ive been better, said Dumbledore weakly, though the corners of his mouth twitched. That potion . . . was no health drink. . . . And to Harrys horror, Dumbledore sank onto the ground. Sir its okay, sir, youre going to be all right, dont worry He looked around desperately for help, but there was nobody to be seen and all he could think was that he must somehow get Dumbledore quickly to the hospital wing. We need to get you up to the school, sir. . . . Madam Pomfrey . . . No, said Dumble canada goose outlet review dore. It is . . . Professor Snape whom I need. . . . But I do not think . . . I can walk very far just yet. . . .

her, Hermione leaned forward toward Harr canada goose outlet review y with a most Hermione-ish look on her face. Harry, I found something out this morning, in the library. R.A.B.? said Harry, sitting up straight. He did not feel the way he had so often felt before, excited, curio canada goose outlet review us, burning to get to the bottom of a mystery; he simply knew that the task of discovering the truth about the real Horcrux had to be completed before he could move a little farther along the dark and winding path stretching ahead of him, the path that he and CHAPTER THIRTY .. 636 .. Dumbledore had set out upon together, and which he now knew he would have to journey alone. There might still be as many as four Horcruxes out there somewhere, and each would need to be found and eliminated before there was even a possibility that Voldemort could

and bitterly wishing hed opened the letter in the hall. Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia kept looking at each other dar canada goose outlet review kly. When the mail arrived, Uncle Vernon, who seemed to be trying to be nice to canada goose outlet review Harry, made Dudley go and get it. They heard him banging things with his Smelting stick all the way down the hall. Then he shouted, Theres another one! ‘Mr. H. Potter, The Smallest Bedroom, 4 Privet Drive With a strangled cry, Uncle Vernon leapt from his seat and ran down the hall, Harry right behind him. Uncle Vernon had to wrestle Dudley to the ground to get the letter from him, which was made difficult by the fact that Harry had grabbed Uncle Vernon around the neck from behind. After a minute of confused fighting, in which everyone got hit a lot by the Smelting stick, Uncle Vernon

joking, Mom. The train began to move. Harry saw the boys mother waving CHAPTER SIX .. 98 .. canada goose outlet review and their sister, half laughing, half crying, running to keep up with the train until it gathered too much speed, th canada goose outlet review en she fell back and waved. Harry watched the girl and her mother disappear as the train rounded the corner. Houses flashed past the window. Harry felt a great leap of excitement. He didnt know what he was going to but it had to be better than what he was leaving behind. The door of the compartment slid open and the youngest redheaded boy came in. Anyone sitting there? he asked, pointing at the seat opposite Harry. Everywhere else is full. Harry shook his head and the boy sat down. He glanced at Harry and then looked quickly out of the window, pretending he hadnt looked. Harry saw he

almost told your brother, Hermione snapped, Percy hes a prefect, hed put a stop to this. Harry couldnt believe anyone could be so interfering. Come on, he said to Ron. He pushed open the portrait of the Fat Lady and climbed through the hole. Hermione wasnt going to give up that easily. She followed Ron through the portrait hole, hissing at them like an angry goose. Dont you care about Gryffindor, do you only care about yourselves, I dont want Slytherin to win the House Cup, and youll lose all the points I got from Profe canada goose outlet review ssor McGonagall for knowing about Switching Spells. Go away. CHAPTER NINE .. 156 .. All right, but I warned you, you just remember what I said when youre on the train home tomorrow, youre so But what they were, they did canada goose outlet review nt find out. Hermione had turned to the portrait of