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Slowly, Slughorn moved around the room, examining the various antidotes. canada goose down parkas Nobody had finished the task, although Hermione was trying to cram a few more ingredients into her bottle before CHAPTER EIGHTEEN .. 378 .. Slughorn reached her. Ron had given up completely, and was merely trying to avoid breathing in the putrid fumes issuing from his cauldron. Harry stood there waiting, the bezoar clutched in a slightly sweaty hand. Slughorn reached their table last. He sniffed Ernies potion and passed on to Rons with a grimace. He did not linger over Rons cauldron, but backed away swiftly, retching slightly. And canada goose down parkas you, Harry, he said. What have you got to show me? Harry held out his hand, the bezoar sitting on his palm. Slughorn looked down at it for a full ten seconds. Harry wondered, for a moment,

did not. Professor Dippet told him that he was too young at eighteen, but invited him to reapply in a few years, if he still wished to teach. How did you feel about that, sir? asked Harry hesitantly. Deeply uneasy, said Dumbledore. I had advised Armando against the appointment I did not give the reasons I have given you, for Professor Dippet was very fond of Voldemort and convinced of his honesty. But I did not want Lord Voldemort back at this school, and especially not in a position of power. Which job did he want, sir? canada goose down parkas What subject did he want to teach? Somehow, Harry knew the answer even before Dumbledore gave canada goose down parkas it. Defense Against the Dark Arts. It was being taught at the time by an old Professor by the name of Galatea Merrythought, who had been at Hogwarts for nearly fifty years. So

robbed of all its powers, I am told that his anger was terrible to behold. But I thought he meant Lucius Malfoy to smuggle it into Hogwarts? Yes, he did, years ago, when he was sure he w canada goose down parkas ould be able to create more Horcruxes, but still Lucius was supposed to wait for Voldemorts say-so, and he never received it, for Voldemort vanished shortly after giving him the diary. No doubt he thought that Lucius would not dare do anything with the Horcrux other than guard it carefully, but he was counting too much upon Luciuss fear of a master who had been gone for years and whom Lucius believed dead. Of course, Lucius did not know what the diary really was. I understand that V canada goose down parkas oldemort had told him the diary would cause the Chamber of Secrets to reopen because it was cleverly enchanted. Had Lucius

mirrored surface. Harry leapt backward in shock and hi canada goose down parkas t the wall; his heart was still thundering as he turned to Dumbledore. What was that? Something, I think, that is ready to respond should we attempt to seize the Horcrux. Harry looked back at the water. The surface of the lake was once more shining black glass: The ripples had vanished unnaturally fast; Harrys heart, however, was still pounding. Did you th canada goose down parkas ink that would happen, sir? CHAPTER TWENTY-SIX .. 562 .. I thought something would happen if we made an obvious attempt to get our hands on the Horcrux. That was a very good idea, Harry; much the simplest way of finding out what we are facing. But we dont know what the thing was, said Harry, looking at the sinisterly smooth water. What the things are, you mean, said Dumbledore. I doubt

when he arrived at the fight, he joined in on the Death Eaters side? asked Harry, who wanted every detail of Snapes duplicity and infamy, feverishly collecting more reasons to hate him, to swear vengeance. I dont know exa canada goose down parkas ctly how it happened, said Professor McGonagall distractedly. Its all so confusing. . . . Dumbledore had told us that he would be leaving the school for a few hours and that we were to patrol the corridors just in case . . . Remus, Bill, and Nymphadora were to join us . . . and so we patrolled. All seemed quiet. Every secret passageway out of the school was covered. We knew nobody could fly in. There were powerful enchantments on every entrance into the castle. I still dont know how the Death Eaters can possibly have entered. . . . I do, said Harry, an canada goose down parkas d he explained,

slept. When he was dressed he went down the hall into the kitchen. The table was almost hidden beneath all Dudleys birthday presents. It looked as though Dudley had gotten the new computer he CHAPTER TWO .. 20 .. wanted, not to mention the second television and the racing bike. Exactly why Dudley wanted a racing bike was a mystery to Harry, as Dudley was very fat and hated exercise unless of course it involved punching somebody. Dudleys favorite punching bag was Harry, but he couldnt often catch him. Harry didnt look it, canada goose down parkas but he was very f canada goose down parkas ast. Perhaps it had something to do with living in a dark cupboard, but Harry had always been small and skinny for his age. He looked even smaller and skinnier than he really was because all he had to wear were old clothes of Dudleys, and Dudley was about

a bit more interesting. I say, look at t canada goose down parkas hat man! said the boy suddenly, nodding toward the front window. Ha canada goose down parkas grid was standing there, grinning at Harry and pointing at two large ice creams to show he couldnt come in. Thats Hagrid, said Harry, pleased to know something the boy didnt. He works at Hogwarts. Oh, said the boy, Ive heard of him. Hes a sort of servant, isnt he? Hes the gamekeeper, said Harry. He was liking the boy less and less every second. Yes, exactly. I heard hes a sort of savage lives in a hut on the school grounds and every now and then he gets drunk, tries to do magic, and ends up setting fire to his bed. I think hes brilliant, said Harry coldly. Do you? said the boy, with a slight sneer. Why is he with you? Where are your parents? Theyre dead, said Harry shortly. He didnt

lucky that Harry had tea with Hagrid to look forward to, because the Potions lesson turne canada goose down parkas d out to be the worst thing that had happened to him so far. At the start-of-term banquet, Harry had gotten the idea that Professor S canada goose down parkas nape disliked him. By the end of the first Potions lesson, he knew hed been wrong. Snape didnt dislike Harry he hated him. Potions lessons took place down in one of the dungeons. It was colder here than up in the main castle, and would have been quite creepy enough without the pickled animals floating in glass jars all around the walls. Snape, like Flitwick, started the class by taking the roll call, and like Flitwick, he paused at Harrys name. Ah, yes, he said softly, Harry Potter. Our new celebrity. Draco Malfoy and his friends Crabbe and Goyle sniggered behind their