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Harrys going to introduce me to Romilda Vane. BIRTHDAY SURPRISES .. 395 .. And without another word to her, he pushed his way out of the portrait hole. Harry tried to make an apologetic face to Lavender, but it might have turned out simply amused, because she looked more offended than ever as the Fat Lady swung shut behind them. Harry had been slightl canada goose decoy y worried that Slughorn might be at breakfast, but he answered his office door at the first knock, wearing a green velvet dressing gown and matching nightcap and looking rather bleary-eyed. Harry, he mumbled. This is very early for a call. . . . I generally sleep late on a Saturday. . . . Professor, Im really sorry to disturb yo canada goose decoy u, said Harry as quietly as possible, while Ron stood on tiptoe, attempting to see past Slughorn into his room, but

said Hermione. Only you can get the memory, Dumbledore says. That must mean you can persuade Slughorn where other people cant. Its not a question of slipping him a potion, anyone could do that How dyou spell ‘belligerent? said Ron, shaking his quill very hard while s canada goose decoy taring at his parchment. It cant be B U M No, it isnt, said Hermione, pulling Rons essay toward her. And ‘augury doesnt begin O R G either. What kind of quill are you using? Its one of Fred and Georges Spell-Check ones . . . but I think the charm must be wearing off. . . . Yes, it must, said Hermione, pointing at the title of his essay, because we were asked how wed deal with dementors, not ‘Dugbogs, and I dont remember you changing you canada goose decoy r name to ‘Roonil Wazlib either. Ah no! said Ron, staring horror-struck at the

Most people were walking the other way; they gaped at him, drenched in water and blood, but he answered none of the questions fired at him as he ran past. He felt stunned; it was as though a beloved pet had turned suddenly savage; what had the Prince been thinking to copy such a spell into his book? And what would happen when Snape saw it? Would he tell Slughorn Harrys stomach churned how Harry had been achieving such good results in Potions all year? Would he confiscate or destroy the book that had taught Harry so much . . . the book that had become a kind of canada goose decoy guide and friend? Harry could not let it happen. . . . He could not . . . Whereve you ? canada goose decoy Why are you soaking ? Is that blood? Ron was standing at the top of the stairs, looking bewildered at the sight of Harry. I need your book,

Hogsmeade. Closing his eyes, gripping Dumbledores arm as tightly as he could, he stepped forward into that feeling of horrible compression. He knew it had worked before he opened his eyes: The smell of salt, the sea breeze had gone. He and Dumbledore were shivering and dripping in the middle of the dark High Street in Hogsmeade. For one horrible moment Harrys imagination showed him more Inferi creeping toward him around the sides of shops, but he blinked and saw that nothing was stirring; all was still, th canada goose decoy e darkness complete but for a few streetlamps and lit upper windows. We did it, Professor! Harry whispered with difficulty; he O CHAPTER TWENTY-SEVEN .. 580 .. suddenly realized that he had a searing stitch in his chest. canada goose decoy We did it! We got the Horcrux! Dumbledore staggered against him. For

eyebrows, and she let out a reluctant giggle. Well, I suppose if Mum can stand it, I can. Anyone else we know died? Ron asked Hermione, who was perusing the Evening Prophet. Hermione winced at the forced toughness in his voice. No, she said reprovingly, folding up the newspaper. Theyre still looking for Snape but no sign . . . Of course there isnt, said Harry, who became angry every time this subject cropped up. They wont find Snape till they find Voldemort, and seeing as theyve never managed to do that canada goose decoy in all this time . . . Im going to go to bed, yawned Ginny. I havent been sleeping that well since canada goose decoy . . . well . . . I could do with some sleep. She kissed Harry Ron looked away pointedly, waved at the other two, and departed for the girls dormitories. The moment the door had closed behind

because Dudley had sat on it. Other shelves were full of CHAPTER THREE .. 38 .. books. They were the only things in the room that looked as thou canada goose decoy gh theyd never been touched. From downstairs came the sound of Dudley bawling at his mo canada goose decoy ther, I dont want him in there . . . I need that room . . . make him get out. . . . Harry sighed and stretched out on the bed. Yesterday hed have given anything to be up here. Today hed rather be back in his cupboard with that letter than up here without it. Next morning at breakfast, everyone was rather quiet. Dudley was in shock. Hed screamed, whacked his father with his Smelting stick, been sick on purpose, kicked his mother, and thrown his tortoise through the greenhouse roof, and he still didnt have his room back. Harry was thinking about this time yesterday

boy isnt something you goggle at in a zoo. Is he really, Fred? How do you know? Asked him. Saw his scar. Its really there like lightning. Poor dear no wonder he was alone, I wondered. He was ever so polite when he asked how to get onto the platform. Never mind that, do you think he remembers what You-Know- Who looks like? Their mother suddenly became very stern. I forbid you to ask him, Fred. No, dont you dare. As though he needs reminding of that on his first day at school. All right, keep your canada goose decoy hair on. A whistle sounded. Hurry up! their mother said, and the three boys clambered onto the train. They leaned out of the window for her to kiss them good-bye, and their younger sister began to cry. Dont, Ginny, well send you loads of owls. Well send you a Hogwarts toilet seat. Geo canada goose decoy rge! Only

and Harry felt he was pushing his luck, breaking another school rule today. On the other hand, Malfoys sneering face kept looming up out of the darkness this was his big chance to beat Malfoy face-to-face. He couldnt miss it. Half-past eleven, Ron muttered at last, wed better go. They pulled on their bathrobes, picked up their wands, and crept across the tower room, down the spiral staircase, and into the Gryffindor common room. A few embers were still glow canada goose decoy ing in the fireplace, turning all the armchairs into hunched black shadows. They had almost reached the portrait hole when a voice canada goose decoy spoke from the chair nearest them, I cant believe youre going to do this, Harry. A lamp flickered on. It was Hermione Granger, wearing a pink bathrobe and a frown. You! said Ron furiously. Go back to bed! I